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This issue of CI News includes:

  • Tuition discounts for Bright Future Now
  • Podcasts about the experience of the course

By the way, if you signed up for CI News based on what you read in one or more In Context articles and are now wondering, “Why all this focus on Bright Future Now?”, let me explain.

Bright Future Now (the course) and the Bright Future Network (made up of graduates from the course) are our strategy for speeding up cultural evolution, so that all those good ideas in In Context and many others that have emerged since can come to fruition in building a new humane and sustainable culture.

If you’re serious about making a difference at this time in history, you should seriously consider Bright Future Now. Indeed, our participants are telling us …

“This should be part of everyone’s education”

We’re discovering that BFNow is particularly good for people who are

  • more interested in building the new culture than fighting the old
  • ready to combine personal, interpersonal and project-oriented skill-building
  • interested in connecting and collaborating with others from all kinds of backgrounds who also look toward the future with a sense of possibilities.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you in the course and then in the network – which will soon be 94 people from 14 countries on 6 continents. It’s really starting to hum.

The next course runs October 7 to November 18, 2017 with registration closing September 23, if there is still space left at that time.

Tuition discounts

These will make it even easier. We’re now offering a set of discounts relative to the regular $400 registration fee.


$375 – good through August 31st. 

Even though the main part of the course starts October 7, there is important pre-course preparation that means the sooner you register, the better for everyone. So we’re offering this Early-Bird discount to encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Your risk is minimal because there’s a money-back guarantee – whatever way you register, you can get a full refund through the third week of the course.

This Early-Bird discount is available via the online registration page.


$350 per person when two or more people who live or work together register for the same course.

The course is great for individuals and it’s even better when it can be shared. We’d like to encouraging that kind of sharing. Reply to this email if you’d like to apply for the Partners/Co-workers discount.


Thanks to the generosity of graduates and other supporters, we’re able to offer limited scholarships, primarily for youth and people from the Global South. If you’re interested in applying, please reply to this email.

Podcast interviews

The following podcasts produced by two graduates do a wonderful job of conveying the feeling of the course plus some background. I recommend them.

Paul O’Brien at Divination Foundation has a 30-minute interview that shares the bright spirit that the course evokes.

Joel De Jong at Emerging Future Podcast has both a 1:20 hour podcast and our 2-hour unedited conversation with more of my personal history.

In his intro, Joel says, “As a recent graduate of the course, I can’t recommend it enough. Not a day goes by where I don’t incorporate the content in my thinking and doing.”

May you feel your own bright future emerging even in these turbulent times.

With appreciation,
Robert Gilman
August 17, 2017

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