Midwifing the Great Transition

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What a month at Context Institute!

  • We welcomed the January cohort with 17 new graduates to the Bright Future Network and already they are diving into activities as allies, comentors, and engaged contributors.

  • A new Common Interest Group in planetary-era paradigms of education is emerging out of a really engaged conversation between members in the forum. Another Common Interest Group among visual storytellers is underway.

  • Drawing on his work with authentic relating and circling, Stephen Torrence is hosting a series of conversations for grads to deepen the harmonies that support these times

It is a gift to be part of this intimate, human-scale, energized network. We are seeing some very potent seeds of expansion and growth.  There are only 12 spaces left in the next Bright Future Now cohort, and I’m excited to meet those souls who are ready to join this adventure.

Midwifing a Graceful Transition with Robert Gilman

How gracefully can we move from where we are today, to the future we envision, of peaceful consensual collaboration? In this 2-minute clip out of a longer interview, Robert Gilman shares a powerful metaphor for the times we are in, and the roles we are called to play in them.

As a dancer myself, I’ve always resonated so deeply with Context Institute’s vision to cultivate a quality of grace. We context geeks come together, week after week, month after month, in pairs, teams, cohorts, to learn how to do what we can to catalyze a graceful transition to the planetary era, within and all around us.

Would you like to join us? Find out if this is a fit for you by setting up a time to talk with a network member today! 

With thanks to April cohort member Jan Sage for this video!

Common Ground for Teams: Coworkers Invitation

Lately, we’re seeing more coworkers take Bright Future Now together. The benefits are coming through loud and clear: a shared framework for change, a common language supports us in these changing times, and a toolkit to support cocreation.

Many changemakers work in collaboration with others. But often, because our organizations are tiny, we don’t have the resources to develop full training and onboarding programs.

Bright Future Now easily serves the role of an accessible, cost-effective development program to take you and your colleagues to a new level of collaboration. It is beautifully appropriate both for formal teams, and also for informal or emerging initiatives — and will support creative partnerships of many kinds.

Santhan Naidoo, Principal of Med Student Advisors based in South Africa, invited his whole geographically distributed team of 4 (working across three countries) to take Bright Future Now and has shared that he found it has brought both more maturity and more lightheartedness to their work. As he said, “I only want to work with people who have done BFNow.

You and your initiatives can benefit from Context Institute’s four decades of cultural change work, distilled into a single 6-week light-involvement course that will help you create common ground with your collaborators and teammates.

We facilitate this further by offering a Coworker’s Discount of $50 off tuition for team-mates or collaborators joining the same cohort.

Forward this email to a collaborator and invite them to join you in Bright Future Now in April (register by Mar 24)!

Mitra Martin
March 13, 2018

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