Journey to the Future; Important dates

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This issue of CI News includes:

  • a practical vision for a sustainable future
  • important dates for the upcoming Bright Future Now course.

Journey to the Future

Guy Dauncey, my long-term friend and sustainability activist, has just written a new novel, Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible. Guy understands both the issues and the potential solutions with great depth – and he communicates with energy and wit. Enjoy a journey into a realistic positive future – and how we could get there.

Yesterday Guy did a presentation that covers the core ideas in the book and it’s now up on Youtube. You’ll find it here. I highly recommend it.

Bright Future Now – coming soon

Do the political events of 2016 (Brexit, Trump, etc.) have you wondering “what in the world is going on”? Are you concerned about the impact these turbulent, uncertain times may have on you, those you love – and indeed on the whole world?

Bright Future Now is designed to help you turn those concerns into a practical empowered capacity to thrive in this great transition and do your part – as an effective and joyous agent of change – to build a better world, such as Guy describes.

The start of the next Bright Future Now course is rapidly approaching. The course is continuing to fill and there is still room. The important dates are:

July 1 – the last day to get the $50 early-bird discount for the upcoming course or any future course. Go here and answer four questions to be entitled to the discount. If you want to take the July course, you will be able register with the discount as soon as you send in your answers.

July 9 – the last day to register for the courseif there is still space available. Go here to register now to assure your space in the course.

July 16 – the course begins and runs to August 27.

For more about the course, please go here.

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Robert Gilman
June 28, 2016

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