In these intense times…

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This issue of CI News includes:

  • a call to embrace these times
  • a reminder that registration for the next Bright Future Now ends 12/30

In these intense times …

Don’t expect the future to be like the past. Some things won’t change – many threads will continue – but the familiar old patterns are unravelling. Release them and become a weaver of a new fabric, for yourself and for the world.

This is not just another round in the rise and fall of civilizations. We are in uncharted waters. Our world is already vastly different from when those cycles made sense.

Our world will become even more different in the coming decades. Even what we think of as “human nature” is expanding beyond our old limited conceptions.

Expect surprises – some unwelcome and others most welcome. Get good at seeing the forward-leaning possibilities in all of them.

We are in the chrysalis of a great transformation. It’s messy. Choose to be an imaginal cell and become the essence of what’s emerging.

Feel the presence of hundreds of previous generations. They would have lovedto have had the transformative opportunities we now have. Feel them cheering you on and helping you remember why you are here.

It’s time to reconnect with those precious gifts carefully wrapped up in your heart and bring them out. The world needs them – now.

The surf is up. Stand tall and agile on the strong board of your core purpose. Let the intensity of the times propel you beyond your fears and limited beliefs into a life you can now only barely imagine but that you will recognize with deep relief and joy as you step into it.

Bright Future Now registration ends 12/30

While there are many ways to align yourself with the best potential of these intense times, I know of no better way than to join the Bright Future Networkby taking the Bright Future Now course. The whole Bright Future program is designed for these times.

The next course runs Jan 13 to Feb 26, 2018. It’s filling well, so far with people from Canada, China, France, Germany, Singapore and the US. It may well fill before the close of registration on Dec 30. If you’re interested in joining the Jan/Feb group, I recommend that you act now. You can register here.

May you surf the intensity of these times with increasing grace and ease.

With appreciation,
Robert Gilman
December 26, 2017

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