Embodying Great Change

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In my life these days, the most interesting territory is the sweet spot between cultural change and personal change. We each have a million tiny blind spots as we attempt to foster wholesome, planetary-era visions using inherited (and actually outdated) tactics.

Embodying real change in our lives can be tough, especially in isolation. I’ve found it to be so rewarding, and exponentially more effective, to do it in a guided context as part of a cohort of other like-hearted changemakers dedicated to the personal dimension of systemic change: embodying the three harmonies.

What are the three harmonies? In this 2-minute clip, Robert Gilman articulates them and puts them in a macro historical context, explaining why focusing on them is the best way for us and our institutions to successfully align with these newly emerging times.

Now’s your opportunity to bring more of this good stuff into your life, your relationships and your communities by becoming part of the April Bright Future Now cohort! Sign up by March 24th and join this growing circle of conscious changemakers all over the world.

Bright Future Network News: Worldwide Membership;
Ecovillage Education; Arts-Based Change

The Bright Future Network now includes over 120 members from across 20 countries on 6 continents!

It’s wonderful to witness the beautiful work they are doing in the world. Last week brought some exciting happenings:

  • Joel de Jong has launched Crowdsource Choir in the Seattle area and is bringing people together for a shared, powerful, beautiful intersubjective experience of song – now that’s harmony! Yay for creating together and using the power of expressive arts to embody collective change.

Planetary-Era Book Club: Business Model You

Systems thinking is a key part of participating effectively in the planetary era. But sometimes it can be hard to know how to apply systems thinking to your own life!

I appreciated this book because it provided a simple model for how to think about the ways I create value — and all the things that go into those activities.

Even if we’re not entrepreneurs, we all create and receive value. Maybe you’ll find, like I did, that looking at that process systematically helps you identify where you want to focus your energies.

Mitra Martin
March 20, 2018

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