CI is scaling up!

Dear <subscriber>,

CI is scaling up – and it’s a big deal!

We’ve reached a major milestone – a tipping point – in the evolution of Context Institute and its Bright Future program. I’m thrilled! Here’s what’s emerging:

Context Institute’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for a graceful transition into the Planetary Era. Doing so requires that, eventually, we help bring real change to large numbers of people worldwide. What we’ve done over the past 3 years with the Bright Future Now course and the Bright Future Network is a great proof-of-concept.

  • Over 200 people have participated in 14 cohorts so far, and it’s clear that Bright Future Now is unique, repeatable, practical, transformational, and liberating – an effective fast-track to Planetary-Era culture.
  • The Bright Future Network, made up of all those 200 people from 22 countries, is coming alive with activity, both inside the Network and outside – directly impacting the larger world.

So we know it works – and now we’re ready to scale up. In particular, we’re preparing to offer multiple Bright Future Now cohorts at the same time – each cohort still with a maximum of 21 people to retain its human-scale quality. This will allow many more people to become part of the remarkable Bright Future Network community now.

To get this started, we’re making the big step from the ‘solo social entrepreneur and volunteers’ stage to the ‘core of co-workers and even more volunteers’ stage. Mindy C. Jones and Josie Straka, two of our most active and long-term volunteers, are stepping up to join me as co-workers, and I’m thrilled with how this strengthens our capacity to grow the program. It’s a really exciting and generative time. I look forward to sharing with you what will emerge!

BFNow Oct/Nov Early Registration closes Aug 17

Would you like to see yourself and the world with fresh eyes, increase your capacity to make a difference, and connect with like-hearted people worldwide?

Here’s what current Bright Future Now participants are experiencing:

“I’ve found something that’s helping me in many, many ways, personally, professionally. Every week I’ve been growing so much; it’s been such an amazing process.”

“For me, it’s been about finding what’s my unique role and gift and contribution to this work. I’m grateful for the materials and for the connections and for everyone – I’ve gotten so much and am feeling more whole.”

“I feel very appreciative of what I’m being given right now.  It feels like a really big gift – and it’s just coming towards me. I feel really grateful.”

You can share in this experience – in your own unique way – by joining one of the upcoming 7-week online Bright Future Now courses.

There are still some spaces available in the next one, which runs from September 28 to Nov 17. Early-Bird registration is $375 and closes this Saturday, August 17. Regular registration closes September 7. Payment plansand financial aid are available.

Future cohorts are scheduled for:

  • January 11 to March 1, 2020 (register by December 21)
  • April 4 to May 24, 2020 (register by March 14)
  • July 11 to Aug 30, 2020 (register by June 20)

To learn more, please look at Journey Deeper into the Planetary Era or just reply to this email if you have questions.

The course is the gateway to the Bright Future Network, a growing, diverse, worldwide community of remarkable people. In the Network, we’re co-creating new cultural patterns and living into them, evolving and refining them as we go. We’re also providing deep support for each other in our many forms of culture-change work in the world.

We’re having a great time. It turns out that creating and living into Planetary-Era culture is profoundly meaningful, impactful, and full of surprising joy as we transform our relationship to ourselves and to the world and it challenges.

I look forward to sharing that experience with you.

With appreciation,
Robert Gilman
August 13, 2019