Thank you

Over the past few months we’ve gotten a fair bit of supportive feedback on the Findhorn presentation and more generally on the Foundation Stones project.

A wonderful example comes from my long-term friend David Spangler who used his monthly column in September to talk about the work he used to do in relationship to the “Big Picture” and his sense of what CI is now doing. Among other things, he was kind enough to say:

“Among the many ‘Big Picture’ thinkers of whom I’m aware, Robert stands out for his optimism about our future as a species. It’s not a Pollyanna, wishful-thinking, in-denial kind of optimism either. His positive vision is informed by a wealth of information and insight. … In painting this picture with hope and promise, no one does it better than Robert Gilman and his Context Institute. I encourage you to explore what he has to offer.”

Getting this kind of supportive feedback is deeply nourishing and I want to thank David and everyone else who has offered such encouragement. It touches our hearts and fuels our next steps.

Thank you.

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