Introducing the FS Main Thread

The central story of the Foundation Stones is starting to emerge. As I’ve been writing articles and posts for the Foundations Stones, it has become clear that some of these are part of that central story, with each one building on what has gone before. Others play a supporting role. I think of the central articles and posts as the Foundation Stones’ Main Thread.

To make it easier for you to follow this Main Thread, I’ve put in place a system that makes it explicit:

  • There is a listing in the sidebar with links to each Main Thread item.
  • There is a Foundation Stones’ Main Thread page that provides a graphic table of contents, listing published material and upcoming material — so that you can see where the process is headed.
  • Each article or post in the Main Tread is identified as such within it and has previous and next links along the thread.

If you want to get the full benefit from the Foundation Stones project, I encourage you to look at the Foundation Stones’ Main Thread page and then read any of the Main Thread items you haven’t read yet.

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