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One of the articles in It's About Time! (IC#37)
Originally published in Winter 1994 on page 33
Copyright (c)1994, 1996 by Context Institute

Greetings! I am writing to all of you living in the future, who do not have time for the present. Are you spending all your time planning next week’s schedule, thinking about five-year loans, 20-year college funds, 30-year mortgages, retirement or life insurance? Your present time has been reduced to minutes a day, mostly for biological functions and reading about the past. You may be, and most likely are, losing your life to Temporal Dyslexia.

We at Temporal Consulting Technologies, realize that people who are anxious, worried, and generally depressed, while surrounded by friends, family and modern comforts, are suffering from a common, but until recently un-diagnosed disease – Temporal Dyslexia. This condition may have transposed you into a horrible future where you are desperately doing battle to ensure that your future present will be better, or at least as good, as your present present that you have no time to enjoy.

Only through our carefully customized programs can you stop transposing yourself from your inappropriate (for you) temporal location to your chronologically suitable past, present or future.

Perhaps you committed some indiscretion or suffered some misfortune and consequently spend all your time in the past not enjoying yourself. Again, Temporal Dyslexia.

Equally problematic is a current unpleasantness, a relationship or lack thereof, a work situation that isn’t working, etc. You are unable to focus your attention on your successful past or exciting future.

We at Temporal Consulting Technologies can help you live where you should be. In days you could be living happily ever past, present or future, making each second count. Why be miserable when you can be properly present (past or future)? You owe it to yourself! s

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