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Steer clear of the material world

One of the articles in Making It Happen (IC#28)
Originally published in Spring 1991 on page 9
Copyright (c)1991, 1996 by Context Institute

The Nov/Dec 1990 Investment Vision carries a cautionary piece that reflects the extent to which North American values may be shifting away from possessions and toward equity and well-being. A pseudonymous author described as one "who has been observing markets – with a skeptical eye – for many years," recommends against investing in companies that make, well, things.

He bases his advice in part on surveys conducted by Country Journal in 1984 and again in 1989. CJ readers, characterized as both country people and city folks who live in the suburbs, listed their "Ten Great Wants." Read them and take heart:

 1984  1989
 1. Good health  1. Good health
 2.A new car  2. World peace
 3. More money  3. More money
 4. A house  4. A better environment (new)
 5. World peace  5. Travel
 6. Travel  6. More time
 7. More time  7. A better economic deal for all humans (new)
 8. A tractor  8. Land
 9. Land  9. A house
 10. Retirement  10. Concern for the emotional well-being of people (new)

The author sees investment opportunities elsewhere: e.g., quality daycare, and new forms of health and environmental services.

– Carla Cole

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