About This Issue

One of the articles in Making It Happen (IC#28)
Originally published in Spring 1991 on page 1
Copyright (c)1991, 1996 by Context Institute

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. But at a time when the world is offering convincing evidence that war is far from obsolete; when erratic weather patterns are beginning to testify to the reality of global climate change; when the gap between rich and poor is continuing to widen at the expense of the poor – at such a time, mere platitudes ring hollow.

Yet there is a glow on the horizon. A careful look, if directed beyond what passes for truth in our media-saturated world, reveals an astonishing array of positive and inspiring actions to hasten the dawn. In this issue we hear about:

  • A Swedish doctor’s successful campaign to produce national consensus on the state of the environment, generate agreement on directions for national action, and educate the entire Swedish nation in the principles of sustainability
  • A project that will bring hundreds of teenagers from all over the world together in Central America to demonstrate how a global youth environmental service corps could work
  • A woman who has taught Kenyan women how to stand up for themselves, the trees, and the Earth itself;

… and many others. We hear about what goes on in their hearts as well as their minds – what moves people to take action, and what strategies for action they find most effective. And we introduce some theory (together with a new simulation game) that can deepen our understanding of how to participate consciously in cultural transformation – and how every one of us is already contributing to the process.

This issue is about making it happen – some of the people and processes working to create a better world, and how we can all play a greater role in this exciting, unfolding adventure. It’s an issue about courage, wisdom, passion, clear thinking – and the willingness to take necessary risks.

Most of all, we hope this issue is an inspiration to every reader with the desire to make a positive difference. The examples presented here prove that change is not only possible, on both large scales and small – it’s happening. To reclaim and combine a couple of helpful phrases from the dark prison of advertising, "No excuses – just do it!"

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