Efficieny Vs. Coal: The Match Of The Century

Putting energy conservation theory to the test

One of the articles in Sustainability (IC#25)
Originally published in Late Spring 1990 on page 9
Copyright (c)1990, 1997 by Context Institute

Is investing in energy efficiency really cheaper than building new coal-fired power plants?

For years Amory Lovins and his colleagues at Rocky Mountain Institute have promoted this idea based on numerical projection and some experimentation – but never has a comprehensive test of all known energy efficiency strategies been performed.

That’s changing. RMI is working with Iowa Public Service to equip Rock Valley, a town of 2,700, with "all the best electricity-saving devices we can recommend." That means retro-fitting everything – every water heater, light bulb, and piece of industrial equipment in every Rock Valley home, commercial building, and small industry over the next five years. The results are sure to be very illuminating.


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