Someone & Me

One of the articles in Friends & Lovers (IC#10)
Originally published in Summer 1985 on page 13
Copyright (c)1985, 1997 by Context Institute

Poof and Finger Prince are co-residents of Bell Abbey in Kent Store, Virginia.

(Here are characters we all can be: You be Someone, and I’ll be Me.)

Dear Someone,

Your life is such a performance I’ve abandoned my seat.
I am a standing ovation.

The choices you make, strike a key make a chord. It is music and ecstasy at that I shan’t keep my seat.
I am a standing ovation.

Go on, be petty, kick the dog, take it all out on children; for it is all style and grace even all you disgrace, moves me to standing ovation.

Make mistakes, frown, squint, waste your time, be sensitive, unapproachable and mean. Ah, the music hasn’t stopped, you magical being- it takes away my breath and my seat.
I am a standing ovation.

Be rude, be a prude, be alone, be with everyone you love, live with those you hate. Make a pact, sell your soul, buy a new car and house on time, and quit work. Refuse to wear all that isn’t yellow, wear what’s old and blue. Be unsocial, evolved and backward too. Be forward righteous and outspoken. Such a sweet song to me, your standing ovation.

Be a saint and wash lepers, wear a dead fish ’round your neck, believe in evil. Be wary, propagandized, cunning or cold. Be above it all, below it all, be a bore. Eat crackers in bed and sleep on the floor, give a hug or ignore it. Worry yourself sick, and put heart and faith in doctors. Find all the wrong things to believe in. Misquote, misspell, and be a bigot.

Love others and dislike yourself, dislike others and love yourself; have no use for either. Give up sex, change your sex, or dislike changes of any kind. Spend every night at the opera, and every day in the woods, eat mushrooms uninformed. Buy a lawn mower having no lawn.

Bravo! Magnificent! to me your standing ovation.

Though you never think of me, though you never think highly of me, though you never write me a song or ever sing it to me, though I never make the ratings, or ever am cherished, though you never remember me, or ever finish this poem; though we never have a moment, or ever exist even in an "I wonder. . . "
It is all the same to me, I’m
heart in a leap.

Yes, here I am
your standing ovation

So play on
Encore! Encore!

Play your magic symphony of choices. Sing the great aria of your being in your one moment – eternity.

Ah, ’tis music – divine, sublime.

May we exclude no solitude or joyful path, though it lead away from one another to the end of the earth and time.

Though any years separate us – I love you.
or any years lie between – I love you.
Though you marry another and have ten kids –
I love you.
Though you’ve already died – I love you.

Oh, Someone,
If you are joyful, I too am there. If your heart is heavy, I too am there. Though we never meet, I am with you.

Run from me and my abusiveness – I love you. Love the world and everything and person in it anyway you can – I love you. Never speak to me – I love you. Call me names, write me off, misspelling my name – I love you. Be one who has given your whole life away. Be one who has a lifetime of commitments.

I love you.

Be here today gone tomorrow,
Gone today here tomorrow,
Here again,
gone again,
where again?

How again? Now again!

I love you.

Be one whom I may never touch
and hold, oh how I love you.
Be one who is lost forever,
this heart has found you.

Bless us all,


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