Our Covenant

One of the articles in (IC#)
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Copyright (c)1985, 1997 by Context Institute

I dedicate myself

to trust you, to be genuine with you
to be vulnerable with you, to reveal myself
with you
to be strong with you, to be gentle with you
to have faith in you, to love you

to allow you to change
to allow you to make mistakes, to fall –
as well as to succeed and to fly
to allow you the space to say no and to say yes

to be true to my own dance
to be a loving witness of your dance
to pursue the point of contact in our
dance together
to act from within the pulse, rather than
from impulse

to walk the edges with you
to be at home with you
to give you the freedom to explore
your edges
to give you the space in my heart to come home

to see our relationship as a mirror of my
own attunement
to see beyond the shell of outer appearances
to the seed of your essence
to be in the union beyond our differences
to remember always to give thanks

to assist your healing
to allow you to assist my healing
to assist our healing
to assist the healing of others and the earth

to harness our energies for consciousness
rather than to dissipate them
to resist becoming mesmerized by the habitual
patterns in life by the mechanics of relationship
and marriage
to see and use all the circumstances of our
life as fuel for our growth, soul work and
spiritual journey
to align our hearts, minds, bodies and
souls with the Will of God

to embrace the unknown together, allowing for
deeper knowings to emerge
to allow the necessary deaths that bring new life
to share with you all the days that life may give us
together, and
to create the most beautiful life that we can

and, I invite the same from you

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