Divine Marriage

A deeper understanding of the role of sexual love

One of the articles in Friends & Lovers (IC#10)
Originally published in Summer 1985 on page 52
Copyright (c)1985, 1997 by Context Institute

The following script was created by a group at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. A tape cassette of this script, narrated, set to music and recorded in the sanctuary at Findhorn, is available for $9.00 from Omega Project, Box 333, Loveland, Colorado 80537.

We are lovers, you and I. Our relationship with each other has grown into a beautiful adventure – sharing desires, love, knowledge, ideals. Love has begun to blend our lives together. We have acquired a common fund of knowledge which makes us better companions. The beliefs and values which we both share give us a common direction in Life. Love has touched our lives in countless ways. Yet always, it remains greater than we can express.

Eve: At first we enjoyed physical sex as an end in itself, somehow separated from our everyday experiences and relationships. We used it for pleasure, release and intimacy. While it brought us momentary fulfillment, we realized that somehow something was always missing. Our lovemaking became radiant only when it helped clear away the separations between us. And this developed as we began to see every experience in our lives – alone, together, and with friends – as a continual process of unfoldment. It is to the degree that we are open and giving to all life that our sexual relationship finds wholeness.

Adam: Now we no longer seek to find fulfillment in physical sex alone, but to help each other to uncover and release all the subtle guilts and fears which limit our capacity to love and be at one with all things.

Eve: We have dedicated our lives to seeking each other in God.

Adam: Recently something new and wonderful has been happening to us. At rare moments in our lovemaking we have unexpectedly touched something so beautiful and "beyond" ourselves – it is difficult to put the experience into words. We now need to better understand what happens in these moments, so that we can increasingly express this beauty in our lives.

Eve: These moments have given us a glimpse into another level of Reality. We begin to see that Self-discovery is the key to our understanding of sex. And, through a committed Love relationship comes the power to transform our lives – and all the world about us. If this is true, the role of Sex is vastly more significant than we had first assumed.

Adam: The sexual experience is deeply rooted in a "cosmic process" from the very beginnings of time. At the primordial level, particles come together – atoms, molecules, cells – to form ever more complex life forms with ever- increasing capacities for consciousness and awareness. As animals evolve there is an ever-closer and more intimate sexual contact. At the human level, feelings of sexual attraction and tenderness develop into Love, thus creating the necessary environment for an even higher consciousness. We now realize that the relationship between Man and Woman is a prime expression of the evolution of Consciousness. And because we desire to help each other attain the highest evolution of which we are capable, you and I commit ourselves to a lifetime of living interaction with one another. Thus, the role of sex takes on a greater purpose than the simple function of reproduction.

Eve: So we see that Sexual Love is an energy of attraction and creativity permeating the entire Universe. In any new creation two energies are necessary. These two energies are positive and negative, masculine and feminine, one active and the other potential. Whenever such action or reaction is present there is sexual relationship, whether in the mineral kingdom or in the world of the Mind.

Adam: Sexual love is the same energy that directs our everyday lives: the relationships we have with other people; all the things we do; the things we enjoy; the things that fulfill us. It is the same force that causes us to search for truth, harmony and wholeness, that leads us to seek beauty – and to seek union with God. The energy field we share in the still space of sexual surrender enhances our understanding of the true nature of love in every area of our lives. Our relationship, therefore, becomes a focus for a gradual and total transformation of each other.

Eve: Love is the most important factor in a sexual relationship . . . the very life of the Universe. The heart of all sexual desire is Love. Love is the self-generating force which prompts each one of us to continually reach out into ever-higher forms of creative expression. Without Love, sex would be denied its greater purpose as the life-blood of spiritual evolution. Physical love in its purest form is worship – the sacred renewing union of You and Me. Male and Female. The completed human molecule with God.

Adam: We are witnessing the end of the dark ages in man- woman relations. The long ages are past when Woman bowed down to the earth – and Man, in ignorance, looked beyond her to the heavens for his God. We stand on the threshold of a New Age – the most significant man has ever known. For in this age he does not stand alone . . .

Eve: … He stands hand-in-hand with another creature, so different and yet so complementary to him. And, for the first time in history, Woman stands at the same place on this threshold. She looks out on the vistas ahead for herself, no longer overshadowed by Man. Free – willing and able to be herself at last!

Adam: Although sexual energy may undergo many changes, and even be put to uses far removed from its original impulse, it is still divine, in nature and origin – to be revered as sacred. If we are able to complete ourselves, physical lovemaking must be consecrated to our realization of Wholeness. Our love is such that the sexual experiences we have can lead us – one through the other – to a greater possession of our Divine Being.

Eve: That is beautiful! Now, how can we make it happen?

Adam: Love is not something we make. It’s a sensitive, feeling experience that we allow – mentally, emotionally, physically . . . all three in perfect balance. It’s just as important to know how to love with our minds and our emotions as we do with our bodies.

Eve: In the mental exchange the keynote is sharing We share hopes and ideals. We really listen to each other. In every moment we meet for the first time. We can always seek the highest in each other. Between us there is no such thing as mental superiority. Likewise we have no use for criticism, for criticism undermines Love.

Adam: Articulate your experiences to me. Give them shape. Share your insights and realizations. This way we can deepen our understanding of each other – and learn together. You are my spiritual guide, my teacher. I am yours. But we have to listen to each other. Completely. When I really listen to you, God speaks to me.

Eve: When I really listen to you, you fill me with wonder!

Adam: In the emotional exchange, the keynote is trust. Sexual trust cannot be separated from the trust we nurture in each other. Day by day.

Eve: Trust builds upon truth. We build sexual trust by each of us being true to our own deepest feelings – and by always trying to act upon them.

Adam: In lovemaking, emotional honesty is indispensable. No clinging. No dependency through need. Withhold nothing. Before making love, we release any pent-up feelings. This is the best time to share things that want to surface: anxieties, inhibitions, or whatever. Only in total trust can we reveal to each other hidden feelings that have never been fully accepted by ourselves.

Eve: Because we are both unique, no emotional block has the same association for you as it has for me. Because of this, when I tell you of some complex or inhibition I have, you do not react negatively. And in your acceptance of me, my deepest fears fade away.

Adam: I am always ready to help you love yourself as much as I love you.

Eve: Your unconditional love helps me to accept myself Fully.

Adam: By exposing all my inhibitions to the light of your love and understanding I can accept my feelings about myself. At times when I can do this all my blocked-up energy is released as love for you. And I share my tears with you, my grateful joy.

Eve: Then, we make love.

Adam: We begin our love play with meditation, linking in with each other – and with God. Naked. Facing each other. Aware of the invisible energy emanating from each other’s bodies, blending together. Extending in space. Look!

Eve: Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body temple. As I look into your eyes, I see into the depths of your being As you gaze in return, you enter the very depths of my being. And I cannot pretend. I can only be myself.

Adam: Transfigured in each other’s eyes. Glowing. We share the presence of the in-dwelling Oneness that we are. In these sacred moments of sustained eye contact we become sensitized to the Divine within.

Eve: Sexual love means being free! Free to explore, appreciate, celebrate our body temples – even the "imperfections." I love all of your body. You love all of mine. We have no reservations. We help each other to accept our bodies fully. Because we reveal each other’s beauty, we feel beautiful.

Adam: We are working together to clear away anything that keeps us apart – physically, emotionally, mentally – so that we become One. Total trust and total truth are required. There is no holding back. We share our faults openly. The slightest feeling of separation is replaced by the luxurious warmth of Love. We feel completely natural.

Eve: Love is a sensitive, tender experience that we allow to unfold. We kiss and touch, laugh and play. Physical love is an intimate, artful way to communicate, to convey. It is a communion. Love is care. Care for one another. Fully.

Adam: Tell me what delights you. What do you enjoy? How do you want me to excite you? Tell me with words – and without words. But tell me. Feel free to talk to me about any part of your body temple. Or mine. Every part of your body temple is divine. There is no place where God is not.

Eve: The dance evolves slowly. Every breath, touch, movement, even thought, is totally savored – understood with compassion by the one consciousness that we are sharing We are both Man. And we are both Woman. Our bodies together are experiencing the unity of a single consciousness!

Adam: We help each other to perceive the divinity within our own bodies.

Eve: The entire sexual experience is an act of worship. For sexual love is a direct means for grounding the divine power into the physical plane.

Adam: Until now, we have been doing whatever we thought would give each other the greatest pleasure. Our lovemaking has progressed to an advanced stage. Caressing has subsided. We are deeply interpenetrating. The rhythm of the hips takes over. And we let go.

Eve: To surrender now, we both step inwardly into the background. I freely and knowingly give to you the deepest and most sensitive part of my being. No longer is it mine or yours. Whatever happens to me is no longer of any concern. I have given up everything

Adam: At the same time, I give myself unreservedly to you. We both give up everything. At this point we cease to act as separate individuals. Whatever happens, happens. There is no turning back.

Eve: We have opened ourselves to whatever the Universe has in store for us.

Adam: We abandon ego-consciousness. We become like waves on the ocean of Universal Being. There is no longer any hurry. Nowhere to go. We are completely here and now. For we have entered a realm of peace and satisfaction greater than we imagined possible.

Eve: The border of delight itself has passed. Movement may continue vigorously, or gently – or it may cease altogether. The lovemaking may continue on into full orgasm. Or it may not. None of the "ordinary" details matter.

Adam: The simultaneous surrender of each to the other has surrendered us both to the heart of Love.

Eve: What we have created together is greater than what we were before. When this happens, we each become Both.

Adam: Give and take no longer have meaning. No longer are we enjoying each other as individuals. For we have entered the larger world of being enjoyed by Love itself.

Eve: A Divine consummation takes place when I surrender myself totally to you, you surrender yourself totally to me, and we both surrender ourselves totally to God.

Adam: This can happen anytime, be it the tenth year of the relationship or the second night. But it happens to both at once or not at all. If we really believe it’s possible, and if we truly desire to make it happen, it will happen – whenever we are ready.

Eve: And Love is the key.

Adam: We don’t ask that this happen every time we make love. Whether it does or not, we fully accept every sexual experience we have as complete in itself – unique and fulfilling in the moment. And sacred.

Eve: The true purpose of sexual love is spiritual. We now know that erotic love is our own personal, intimate, and awesome contact with the Divine source of life.

Adam: Knowing this, we can now commit ourselves to a growing adventure in consciousness as we deliberately work through everything that keeps us separate – mentally, emotionally, physically. We uncover ever-deeper levels of wholeness, of self-knowledge, love and truth. The more open we become to ourselves and each other, increasingly more is revealed to our growing awareness.

Eve: Around the fundamental action of sexual love we gradually develop an ennobling halo of contact on higher and higher levels. This "aura" of spiritual exchange is, at first, barely perceptible to our senses. Little by little this aura we create together becomes the total focus of our relationship. And then, finally, the balance is upset in its favor.

Adam: At that precise moment, physical union itself becomes powerless to sustain the increasing number of new experiences.

Eve: The fire of attraction at the sexual climax leaps forward like something infinite. And as we continue to discover ourselves further in the Spirit, we move into a transcendent state – a higher level of consciousness. This is an irrevocable transformation into a permanent extension of being – beyond the limitations we normally accept. We forget the illusion that we are separate beings. We are one with each other. And all of Life. Beyond the limitations of time and space, we experience ourselves as eternally now. Free from fear, lack, disease – and death. For we know – and live – the reality that all is perfect Love. All is the Divine One.

Adam: To our heightened awareness, all matter shines forth with a diaphanous quality. Our bodies luminously beautiful. The natural world about us glows with a radiant living presence. Each tree or flower or blade of grass distinctly itself – iridescent and vibrant.

Eve: Together we move continuously within and surrounded by an all-pervading Love. We look with fresh eyes – colors so clear that we see them as for the very first time. We have stepped into a new Garden of Eden!

Adam: Our minds soar freely, co-creative with God. In immediate touch with all minds and in inner contact with the mineral kingdom, the world of plants, and . . . with all living creatures!

Eve: We perceive the irradiations of infinite life throughout the whirling galaxies and beyond the farthest stars. Balanced between atom and star we shall serve humanity with the compassionate knowing of the fully- opened heart. As servants of the earth, we search out our brothers and sisters – traveling into the new phase of mankind, wherever they come from – and we form a sacred union with them.

Adam: So at the present time the union of bodies is still necessary and valuable for the human race. But, from now on, the nobler type of sexual union will develop and increasingly define its spiritual quality. Sexual love is the process of a change-of-state in the midst of human consciousness. And it is from this new direction that the collective passage of humanity into a new state of consciousness is being prepared.

Eve: Together, mated on all planes, we enter the light and emerge again – not as separate individuals but as a single individual with a three-sided nature: Man. Woman. God.

Adam: Complete in itself. And self-fulfilling.

Eve: A new human molecule.

Adam-Eve: The Divine Marriage!

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