Culture, Art & Tao

One of the articles in Art And Ceremony In Sustainable Culture (IC#5)
Originally published in Spring 1984 on page 25
Copyright (c)1984, 1997 by Context Institute

ART IS THE SHIMMER at the interface of boundaries.
Art is in the pause between,
      spaces around,
      void through which boundaries penetrate
      like veins into the world of leafness.

Culture is the boundaries: the veins and the leaf.
Art is the flow between the veins and leafness.
Tao is the Leafness Dragon embracing galaxies.

Culture is the Ridgepole and the Dancer. The Dancer
is anchored by the Ridgepole and in her Dance and spin
around, and in her spin the Ridgepole spins and all is
spin and in that spin is Art.

Culture is the actors and anchors caught in a whirlpool;
the Way in and the Way out; the colors of a rainbow
and the prism. The Tao is the light and Rainbow
Wonder. Art is the Rainbow Bridge.

Culture is the drum and stick; ink and brush; mountain
and mist; thought and human separated on the pulse
of Time and in between the beats is Art.

Art is the Dance of the artist’s heart upon the medium
of Time with the brush of Culture. Art is the Tao come
full circle through the spiderweb of Culture into the
Light of knowing.

Art is the Dance of Yin and Yang, a spinning ball of
Culture bursting to re-form, to be reborn, building
blocks and A.B.C.’s and look at me’s diving into Eternity.
Art – the dive and climbing out. Culture – the leaving and
coming home place.

Culture is getting comfortable. Art is going for a ride.
Art is going for it. The It is Tao.

Culture is a recipe for a good meal and a full stomach.
Culture is the recipe, the stomach and the good. Art
is in the preparing and knowing hunger. The Tao is in
the Fullness.

Culture is the Question. The Tao is the Answer. Art
is the edge of another Question.

Culture is the boundary and Art the border points of
passage. Art is the ticket into Realms of Being that are
boundless. Culture is the descriptions of those Realms
of Being and how, why, and what is boundless.

Art is the gateway into Alltime. Culture is tomorrow,
today, and yesterday.

Culture is the repetition of forms until they slide into
each other. Culture is the turning of forms until they
meet all others. Culture is the compiling of forms until
the weight dissolves their boundaries. Art is in the
slide, the meet and in the dissolve.

The loom, warp and weft; the piece complete is
Culture. Art is the Tao woven in and out and weaving
in and out.

A piano playing is Art. A piano being played is Culture.
The cliff and the Fool are Culture. Waltzing over the
edge is Dance. The castle, princess and dragon are
Culture. Art is in the fire of the Dragon’s breath.

Culture is interrupting a waterfall. Art is the rainbow
mist around it when the Tao is streaming through.

To look at a sunset is Culture. To see a sunset is Art.
To hear a Sun set is Tao.

Culture is the bamboo and rock. Art is the conversation
between them.

Culture is an offering of suggestions on how one should
render rocks. Art is offering and receiving Tao in
rendering rocks by suggestion.

Looking at inks is Culture. Seeing through ink is Art.
Looking at Art is Culture. Seeing Art is the Tao.

Tao penetrates by the arrow of Art shot by the bow
of Culture.

Lizanne Fisher lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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