Gifts to a Son, Rising

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From a woman, from a man,
from the bioregion of their spirit mind,
a conscious conception.

From Cop Copi,
a center
a tipi home
a terrain for dreams unfolding,

From Little Creek drainage,
the landscape of love,
a bubbling brook.

From the earth,
energy to renew, transform,
and uplift
our collective spirit.

From the Mother Mountains,
the nurturing aspects of parenthood.

From the sweatlodge,
songs and chants
of a birth
yet to come.

From Father sky,
the beauty of a double rainbow,
the journey quest of shooting stars.

From Coyote,
assurances of strength in labor
and receptivity
to the power in us all.

From our sister friends,
the loving touch
of ones who care.

And from black bear,
the lifelong gift
of a name,

Copi Brook Bear

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