“Human Operating System Literacy” and “Systems Literacy” presentations – Jan 21 and 28 in Seattle

The “Tools For The Journey” set of Foundation Stones presentations will be on the last two Wednesdays in January. If you are (or will be) in the Seattle area, save the dates — 6:30 pm on Jan 21 and Jan 28, 2015. If you know people in the area, please encourage them to come.

These presentations will be videoed and made available for free here on context.org, just like the What Time Is It? videos.

Human Operating System Literacy

We begin on the 21st with a deep look at the ways our minds (including our emotions) work, so we can becoming better Planetary Era catalysts. Some of the questions we’ll explore are:

  • What are the practical consequences of our minds being pattern processors?
  • What’s the dance between your conscious and subconscious, among various parts of your brain and body, and among your various sub-personalities?
  • What is your optimal consciousness zone, how can you spend more time there and how can you help groups spend more time there?

Lots of great stuff about how we humans really work.

Systems Literacy

Then, building on the Human Operating System, on the 28th we will get to see “systems” in a whole new psychologically-grounded light as we explore the role of systems literacy in the Planetary Era.:

  • We’ll pull back the curtain of confusion and mystique around “systems” to discover that “systems thinking” is fundamentally just a consciousness of relationships.
  • We’ll explore how system models can provide a wonderful blend of the best of our visual, linguistic and kinesthetic capabilities – perhaps as important for the Planetary Era as literacy was for the Empire Era.
  • We’ll get to see “maps” and “stories” and their relationship with fresh eyes.
  • We’ll get familiar with tipping-points, time-lags, shifting constraints, strategic leverage points and other helpful tools and concepts from the world of systems.
  • We’ll explore how these tools can be applied in easy but potent ways in daily life.

I’m really looking forward to sharing these two great liberating literacies through this pair of presentations. For more on these topics, please look at Two Essential Literacies.

The event will be in Hildebrand Hall at the Plymouth Church in downtown Seattle. The church has a great lounge if you need a place to hang out between work and the event.

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