A Message From Ann Medlock

You’re likely on this website because you’re interested in the work Robert Gilman’s doing to figure out what’s going on in this world, and what needs to happen next. Me too.

I’ve known Robert for decades and I know how rare his gifts are. He asked me to be on the Context Institute board because nonprofits are familiar territory for me and I know something about keeping them going.

Fundraising has been the first order of business for every board I’ve ever been on. But not this one. I do get email requests from Robert to look over article drafts. As a stand-in for his future readers and audiences, I can provide test-run reactions and questions – “Wait, what? Do you mean…?”

I give my feedback and then I ask, You OK? Covering expenses? With his long years of extreme thriftiness, so far he’s said Yes. Last year he kept total expenses down to a ridiculous $4,393. That’s not going to work, going forward.

Now, the Foundation Stones are going wide, in a series of live presentations that are being filmed and offered free to the world online. Even with Robert’s frugal ways, that costs money. I was delighted to write my first check to Context Institute at the live presentation of the first Foundation Stone.

It’s time for all of us to chip in. The world needs the ideas that the Foundation Stones provide. Robert is giving this project his all, but it will happen more quickly and powerfully if all of us who care about a sustainable, thriving future stand with him and get these ideas to the largest possible audience.

If you’re ready to roll, use the donation form on the website. If you need to think more about this, look over www.context.org. Wrap your mind around his analysis of where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going. Big Thoughts. Then do kick in some bucks so we can move those thoughts across the world, in time for them to make a difference in what happens next.

Ann Medlock
Giraffe Heroes Project
10 March 2014

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