Celebrating 33 years … and a new beginning

Thirty-three years ago today, the State of Washington accepted and certified our Articles of Incorporation as a nonprofit organization. It’s been a long, wonderful, surprising journey. I encourage you to take a look at Context Institute’s History and the In Context Back Issue Descriptions to get a good sense of what’s been accomplished. I’m deeply grateful to all of the people who have shared this journey and made it possible.

Yet as wonderful as it’s been, I’m feeling that the best is yet to come. As I’ve been telling friends of late, I’ve never been as encouraged about the human future as I am today. I’m convinced that a thriving sustainable planetary future is possible. The major questions in my mind are less about “whether?” than about “when?” and “how gracefully?” and simply “how?”

The answers to those questions depend on all of us. I honor what you’re already doing to provide positive answers — and I hope that our work will make your work easier, more joyful and encourage you further.

Our next big step in that direction is the Foundation Stones project — a means for us to share what we have learned about realistic pathways to a thriving sustainable planetary future. Do stay in touch as we build this resource.

It’s all part of doing what we can to build a future that coming generations will thank us for. Are you up for it?

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