Tools For The Journey

Apply for the free Bright Future Now pilot or reserve a future discount

The Bright Future Now pilot training program will start April 9, 2016. Send us your answers to a few questions to either apply for the pilot or get placed on a priority list for the full training program once it’s launched and be eligible for a 25% early-bird discount off the program cost. Go to Journey deeper into the […]

Journey deeper into the Planetary Era

I’d like to invite you to journey deeper into the Planetary Era. We’re just beginning Context Institute’s Bright Future Now experiential learning program and now’s the time that you can get a head start on what it has to offer: Respond to the questions at the end of this page by July 1, 2016 and you’ll be placed on a priority […]

Introducing Bright Future Now and the Bright Future Network

This is our big news from 2015: We’ve started to develop a new experiential learning program called Bright Future Now. This program will take conceptual material from the Foundation Stones presentations and deepen it into felt experience, practical skills and embodied behavior so that you can begin to live the Planetary Era now. At the heart of Bright Future Now […]

The “Tools For The Journey” videos are online

After a long haul with a number of technical challenges, we now have the videos from the two Tools For The Journey presentations in January 2015 available: The Human Operating-System Literacy presentation videos: identify the key cognitive and emotional shifts that we need to move from an Empire Era “mind” into a Planetary Era “mind” go into the […]

Bright Future Network Initial Vision

The Bright Future Network will be the ongoing connecting fabric for Bright Future Now graduates, a place for them to collaborate and create new cultural DNA for the Planetary Era. This page describes the network and how it can serve as an organizing thread for the next evolution in CI’s long-term strategy for catalyzing a graceful Empire-to-Planetary transition. As described […]

Bright Future Now Initial Vision

This is an early heads-up about Bright Future Now, a new experiential learning program we’re developing. It takes the content from the Foundation Stones presentations (What Time Is It?, Human Operating System Literacy and Systems Literacy) and deepens that conceptual material into felt experience, practical skills and embodied behavior so that you can begin to live the Planetary Era now. To be aligned with the Planetary Era, you need […]


This page serves as a table of contents for Context Institute’s videos: Strategy CI’s Long-Term Strategy (9 minutes) What Time Is It? (Foundation Stone 1) English version (10-minute introduction and five 20-minute videos with subtitles in Spanish, Chinese and Russian) Spanish voice-over version Chinese voice-over version Tools For The Journey (Foundation Stone 2) Culture as Interface (8 […]