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This page serves as a table of contents for Context Institute’s videos: Strategy CI’s Long-Term Strategy (9 minutes) What Time Is It? (Foundation Stone 1) English version (10-minute introduction and five 20-minute videos with subtitles in Spanish, Chinese and Russian) Spanish voice-over version Chinese voice-over version Tools For The Journey (Foundation Stone 2) Culture as Interface (8 […]

First “Human Operating-System Literacy” video is online

The first video from the January “Tools For The Journey” pair of presentations is now online at Human Operating-System Literacy Presentation. The rest are being edited and I hope to get them online over the next few months.

PDFs of slides now available

The slides from the two “Tools For The Journey” presentations are now available as PDFs: Human Operating-System Literary and System Literary. These will give you a sense of the territory covered and I hope you’ll find them useful. They both include links to demos (on slides 52 and 62 for hOS and slides 35, 62 and 66 for Systems). The […]

Systems Literacy Presentation

This is the home for materials from the 28 Jan 2015 “Systems Literacy” presentation, which covered the second half of the core material for Foundation Stone 2. (You’ll find the first half here.) We start with a PDF of the slides from the presentation. This will give you a sense of the territory covered and I hope you’ll find […]

Human Operating-System Literacy Presentation

This is the home for materials from the 21 Jan 2015 “Human Operating-System Literacy” presentation, which covered the first half of the core material for Foundation Stone 2. (You’ll find the second half here.) The presentation was given in Seattle to a small group of friends and friends-of-friends who served as a studio audience for creating the videos. With a focus on […]

“Systems Literacy” on 1/28

The next Foundation Stones presentation in Seattle is just a few days away! We’ll explore tipping-points, time-lags, shifting constraints, strategic leverage points, maps vs. stories and other helpful tools and see how these concepts can be applied in easy but potent ways in everyday life. I’m excited about how it’s all coming together and look forward […]

“Human Operating-System Literacy” on 1/21

The next Foundation Stones presentation in Seattle is just a week away! We’ll journey deep into how our minds work, blending the latest neuroscience with a Planetary Era perspective. I’m excited about how it’s all coming together and look forward to sharing it both in person on the 21st and via video over the next few […]

“Human Operating System Literacy” and “Systems Literacy” presentations – Jan 21 and 28 in Seattle

The “Tools For The Journey” set of Foundation Stones presentations will be on the last two Wednesdays in January. If you are (or will be) in the Seattle area, save the dates — 6:30 pm on Jan 21 and Jan 28, 2015. If you know people in the area, please encourage them to come. These […]

Systems Thinking In Action
Online Conference

I’ll be one of the keynote presenters in the first online Systems Thinking In Action Conference. The conference runs for five weeks – from August 5th to September 4th – with a fresh keynote presentation each week and lots of ways to engage – Plenary :: World Cafe :: Open Space :: Podcasts :: Forums. […]

Meet Your Mind - Introduction

Meet Your Mind – Introduction

(This article follows Two Essential Literacies in the FS Main Thread.) This is the first in the Meet Your Mind series of articles aimed at providing the core concepts needed to provide a practical understanding of how our minds work, an understanding I call hOS literacy. If you have gotten to this article via the Foundation Stones […]

Two Essential Literacies

Two Essential Literacies

(This article follows The Burden And The Gift Of Culture in the FS Main Thread.) There are two essential literacies (in the sense of basic competences) that we need in order to understand ourselves, our culture, and our world in the 21st century: That’s the basic message of this article, but let me fill in […]

hOS and the Burden/Gift of Culture

I’ve posted two additional articles in the Tools For The Journey section: The Human Operating System (hOS) uses an analogy with smart phones to identify the part of innate human nature that is most important to understand so that we can be effective cultural change agents. The Burden And The Gift Of Culture goes deeper […]

The Burden And The Gift Of Culture

(This post follows The Human Operating System in the FS Main Thread.) Like fish in water, we are so immersed in our culture that it is hard to clearly see what culture is and how it functions. Yet we need this clear vision if we are to understand the world around us and be constructive […]

The Human Operating System

The Human Operating System

(This article follows Culture As Interface in the FS Main Thread.) If we are going to use the culture-as-interface framework, … … we will need an operational sense of what we mean by “innate human nature.” Trying to understand “innate human nature” in relation to culture has been challenging in the past, but I’m hopeful […]

Introducing “culture as interface”

Today I posted a video and an article that introduce a simple, powerful, big-picture framework for understanding how culture fits into its context. The framework is called culture as interface. It’s important groundwork on which the Foundation Stones rest. The 8-minute animated video, created in Motion, is an experimental first for this site. I’ll be […]

Image Sources For Culture As Interface Video

This are the sources for various images used in the video, An Introduction To Culture As Interface: Migration map — National Geographic Maps, Atlas of the Human Journey via Bushmen — Egypt — /IllustratedJournalsAncientEgyptDailyLife.html Stonehenge — Rome — China — Tokyo — Buildings — Clothing — […]

Culture-As-Interface In Its Historical Context

Culture-As-Interface In Its Historical Context

This is a companion article to Culture As Interface that provides more depth on how the culture-as-interface framework is connected to the history of related concepts. Early on in my exploration of a framework (such as culture-as-interface) I like to get to know how others have used that framework or frameworks like it. What do […]

Culture As Interface

(This piece follows The Dynamic Planetary Context in the FS Main Thread.) This article introduces a framework for understanding and assessing cultures and their institutions. This framework will serve as a simple but powerful guide in our search for viable institutions that, working together, can enable the thriving sustainable cultures of the future. I’ve created […]

The Dynamic Life of Long-Term Memory

The Dynamic Life of Long-Term Memory

This is the second in a series of articles about how our minds work, aimed at better understanding how to facilitate faster and more graceful cultural change. Please see Taking Einstein Seriously for an overall introduction. Long-term memory is what we often think of simply as “memory” and it is the repository of everything we […]