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Progress report

We’ve made a lot of progress toward implementing our strategic vision over the 10 months since I posted the video describing Context Institute’s long-term strategy. I’ve gathered many of these threads up into a Progress Report On CI’s Long-Term Strategy. I’ve also converted that report to a system map with descriptions on Just click on the image below […]

Progress Report On CI’s Long-Term Strategy – April 2015

Last June I posted a video describing Context Institute’s long-term strategy based on three program areas. Here’s the progress we’ve made in the past 10 months towards actualizing that strategy: Foundation Stones What Time Is It? (Stone 1) Reach: The six videos from the February 2014 presentation have since been played an average of over […]

Systems Thinking In Action
Online Conference

I’ll be one of the keynote presenters in the first online Systems Thinking In Action Conference. The conference runs for five weeks – from August 5th to September 4th – with a fresh keynote presentation each week and lots of ways to engage – Plenary :: World Cafe :: Open Space :: Podcasts :: Forums. […]

Context Institute’s Long-term Strategy

CI exists to help birth the Planetary Era. That’s its heart-song. It sings to me each day and lifts my spirits when the work gets hard. It connects me to all the previous generations who would have loved to have had our opportunities to make a difference and to all the generations yet to come […]

CI’s Long-Term Strategy

Would you like to help the Planetary Era emerge? We’d like to help you do it. This video lays out the vision for how Context Institute can help you and others worldwide become effective Planetary Era change agents – all for the sake of moving into a brighter future as quickly and gracefully as we can. (You may […]


This is a section home-page for the business/organizational aspects of Context Institute. So far we have: a video that describes our long-term strategy a progress report on that strategy as of April 2015

Welcome Eldan

Welcome Eldan

One of the most significant milestones in the past few months came at the start of October when Eldan Goldenberg started working with CI as a part-time consultant and thereby converted what had essentially been a one-man-band into a team. Eldan is currently helping with organizing the Foundation Stones presentation series because that’s our next […]

“What Time Is It?” – Lessons from history for a sustainable future – Feb 12 in Seattle

If you are (or will be) in the Seattle area, save the date — 6:30 pm on Feb 12, 2014 — for the first of the Foundation Stones presentation series. You can register for the event at or just come. At the door, tickets are $10 for individuals, $7.50 per person for two or more, and $6 […]

Foundation Stones presentation series

The success of my presentation in June 2013 at Findhorn inspired me to look at doing more presentations covering all of the Foundation Stones. Since then we have been hard at work laying the groundwork for such a series. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Foundation Stones project, it is Context Institute’s response to […]

Dynamic Planetary Context live on 6/26/2013

I’ll be giving the opening keynote for the International Communal Studies Association’s 2013 conference being held this year at the Findhorn community. My presentation (on 26 June) and all of the plenary sessions will be streamed live over the internet and then be available for streaming over the next 28 days — click here for […]

Celebrating 33 years ... and a new beginning

Celebrating 33 years … and a new beginning

Thirty-three years ago today, the State of Washington accepted and certified our Articles of Incorporation as a nonprofit organization. It’s been a long, wonderful, surprising journey. I encourage you to take a look at Context Institute’s History and the In Context Back Issue Descriptions to get a good sense of what’s been accomplished. I’m deeply […]