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“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” ― Arundhati Roy Context Institute is devoted to helping you – and others like you – birth a brighter future for yourself, for humanity and for the earth. We do this by focusing on positive […]

“What Time Is It? Part 5″ is online

Just in time for Earth Day, this 16-minute video completes the main presentation by exploring how we can work with the momentum of history to move as gracefully as possible into the Planetary Era. (We still have the video of the Q&A time after the presentation to complete but this will need to wait while I […]

“What Time Is It? Part 4″ video is online

This latest 18-minute video looks towards the future of the Planetary Era as well as the challenges in the remaining Empire-to-Planetary transition. It completes the arc of exploring Tribal to Empire to Planetary. You will find it and the previous videos on the “What Time Is It?” Videos page. This page also has links to PDF versions […]

“What Time Is It? Part 3″ video is online

The next one is up. In this 19-minute video we start to identify the key characteristics of the Planetary Era. It begins with a brief look at the changes during the Empire Era and then takes a closer look at the Empire-to-Planetary transition. We peek into the future by looking with fresh eyes at what […]

“What Time Is It? Part 2″ video is online

We’ve gotten a lot of thumbs-up on the first two videos (Introductions and What Time Is It? Part 1). Here’s John Graham commenting on the CI Facebook page: “Well, I wasn’t at the live presentation, but I’ve seen the video edition and it is brilliant. I don’t mean ‘brilliant’ in that Robert is a genius, which […]

First “What Time Is It?” videos are online

How’d the Feb 12 presentation go?  The best answer comes from those who were there: “I attended ‘What Time is It?’ last week in Seattle, and over the several days since I have been humming with excitement about Context Institute’s work and purpose.” “Wow. Amazing stuff. I work in sustainability, and Robert’s synthesis was profoundly insightful.” […]

“What Time Is It?” Videos

This page has videos and other resources based on the 12 Feb 2014 “What Time Is It?” presentation. Currently available here are: Introductions Part 1 – System Domains and 1900 To The Present Part 2 – Outline of History and Tribal To Empire Part 3 – Empire Era and Empire To Planetary Part 4 – Planetary Era […]

Thank you

Over the past few months we’ve gotten a fair bit of supportive feedback on the Findhorn presentation and more generally on the Foundation Stones project. A wonderful example comes from my long-term friend David Spangler who used his monthly column in September to talk about the work he used to do in relationship to the “Big […]

“What Time Is It?” – Lessons from history for a sustainable future – Feb 12 in Seattle

If you are (or will be) in the Seattle area, save the date — 6:30 pm on Feb 12, 2014 — for the first of the Foundation Stones presentation series. You can register for the event at or just come. At the door, tickets are $10 for individuals, $7.50 per person for two or more, and $6 […]

Foundation Stones presentation series

The success of my presentation in June 2013 at Findhorn inspired me to look at doing more presentations covering all of the Foundation Stones. Since then we have been hard at work laying the groundwork for such a series. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Foundation Stones project, it is Context Institute’s response to […]

Introducing the FS Main Thread

The central story of the Foundation Stones is starting to emerge. As I’ve been writing articles and posts for the Foundations Stones, it has become clear that some of these are part of that central story, with each one building on what has gone before. Others play a supporting role. I think of the central […]

Foundation Stones' Main Thread

Foundation Stones’ Main Thread

Welcome! This is an excellent place to use as a central hub for exploring the Foundation Stones. It provides a graphic table of contents with links to the core Foundation Stones’ articles and posts published so far plus a list of upcoming topics. It is a companion to the FS Main Thread listing in the […]

Five working hypotheses

Five working hypotheses

(This post follows Who Are The Foundation Stones For? in the FS Main Thread.) The material on this website is written within the framework of five basic assumptions about humanity and the Earth at this time in history: Business-as-usual is not sustainable The culture is not changing fast enough A thriving sustainable society is possible […]

Who are the Foundation Stones for?

(This post follows The Foundation Stones Project in the FS Main Thread.) Here on this public website, everyone is, of course, welcome. Nevertheless the Foundation Stones material is being developed with a specific audience in mind. Do any of these descriptions fit you? Do you feel that something momentous is happening now in human history […]

The Foundation Stones Project

The Foundation Stones Project

(This page follows The Core Challenge Of Our Times in the FS Main Thread.) At the heart of Context Institute’s work is a core curriculum for 21st century change agents – seven essential topic areas for understanding our world and ourselves – that we call the Foundation Stones: What Time Is It? introduces us to […]