Next Bright Future Now course: Jan 13, 2018

Register now for the Jan/Feb course. $375 Early-bird registration through November 30, 2017. Bright Future Now’s first six cohorts for this six-week online course have been a great success. The participants, from six continents and time-zones all around the world, loved it! They found the course inspiring and empowering They gained a deeper, more compassionate experience of […]

Welcome to the Planetary Erawebinar video online

Welcome to the Planetary Era
webinar video online

I’m happy to be able to share this well-received event with you via this video. It provides a wonderful doorway into the surprisingly hopeful, grounded, practical and fun world that is emerging within Context Institute’s Bright Future program. The video is also on Facebook. We’d love to welcome you into the next Bright Future Now course, which runs from […]

This is our time

Are you struggling to find your bearings in these times of change – or do you know people who are? If so, I’d like to offer a suggestion and some encouragement based on my understanding of the cultural dynamics going on around us – dynamics that have already been going on for hundreds of years during […]


Context Institute is devoted to helping you – and others like you – birth a brighter future for yourself, for humanity and for the earth. We do this by focusing on positive cultural change toward a humane and sustainable world, all based on our 35 years of experience doing this work. If this positive, even […]

Reserve your place and a $50 discount for Bright Future Now

Send us your answers to a few questions to get placed on a priority list for the full training program once it’s launched in the second half of this year and be eligible for a $50 early-bird discount off the program cost. Doing so involves no commitment on your part, just our commitment to you. Go to Journey deeper into the Planetary […]

Apply for the free Bright Future Now pilot or reserve a future discount

The Bright Future Now pilot training program will start April 9, 2016. Send us your answers to a few questions to either apply for the pilot or get placed on a priority list for the full training program once it’s launched and be eligible for a 25% early-bird discount off the program cost. Go to Journey deeper into the […]

Introducing Bright Future Now and the Bright Future Network

This is our big news from 2015: We’ve started to develop a new experiential learning program called Bright Future Now. This program will take conceptual material from the Foundation Stones presentations and deepen it into felt experience, practical skills and embodied behavior so that you can begin to live the Planetary Era now. At the heart of Bright Future Now […]

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