My education, the rest of my life and my parents work are like a trio of banyan trees growing into and around each other. For most of my life my parents have worked from home, one of the things that has allowed me to home-school. When my parents travel I also go with them, sitting in on meetings and pitching in when help is needed.

It is quite common for me to be the only one under twenty in a meeting or informal conversation about the failings of our present economic system, how the dynamics of change work, or any other number of subjects pertaining to sustainability.

I have attended and volunteered at numerous conferences and gatherings of people active in the eco-village movement. Most recently I helped with the preparation for the Eco-Village Training at Findhorn in late winter 1999.

On our travels we frequently visit communities and places of innovation in various aspects of sustainability. I have visited an anthroposophical center in Sweden; eco-villages in Germany, Italy, Australia; permaculture demonstration centers in South Africa and New Zealand; appropriate technology centers in Denmark and Wales ­ just to name a few. I have spent considerable time in Findhorn, Scotland, and lived for over two and a half years in Winslow Cohousing in Washington, USA.

These experiences have formed the framework of my life. I have grown up with a commitment to the continual improvement of the world, and a real sense of hope for the potential for that.

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