Through the communities I have lived in, particularly Winslow Cohousing and the informal community of south Whidbey Island, I have been exposed to ceremonies and celebrations from many religions.

In Winslow Cohousing close to a half dozen religions were represented. Faced with the choice of opening the common building to celebrations of all or none of these religions we chose all. For example there were celebrations at Jewish Hanukkah and Passover, and a neo-pagan ceremony to welcome the lengthening of the days.

On Whidbey Island my religious experiences have moved further east around the globe. I have participated in two Sufi zikrs. I was part of a young person's mediation circle, for close to a year, in which we primarily studied Tibetan Buddhism, but also looked briefly at other religions. I was also fortunate enough to view the making of a sand mandala by a group of Tibetan monks.

While visiting with my grandparents I have attended services of the Episcopal and Christian Science churches. On my own I have seen the Passion at a Methodist church.

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