In the summer of 1997 my mother was suddenly diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Other than surgery, allopathic medicine could offer nothing that gave much hope even of an extended life. After my mother's surgery we decided to pursue a strategy that put the quality of her life first.

At the beginning of her illness my mother had changed, but was mostly able to function normally. Over the six remaining months of her life she slowly deteriorated, being able to manage fewer and fewer of her body functions. Throughout this entire time my father and I were her primary care givers. Naturally this activity dominated my life.

During this time I grew tremendously. I learned a great deal about wellness maintenance from the many non-allopathic healing modalities we explored. With all the stress I was under I learned the importance of taking time to renew myself everyday: through walks, dance or spending quite time with friends. I also deepened as a person, connecting with the important things in life with a new strength.

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