When I was ten my family, along with almost thirty other families, moved into the newly completed Winslow Cohousing.

We were about ninety people, around fifty adults and almost forty kids. Every family had their own fully equipped house, that was somewhat small by American standards. We also shared a forty thousand square foot common house, with laundry facilities, play rooms, a dining/meeting room and an industrial sized kitchen. Six meals a week were offered in the common house, and those who participated in them shared in the cooking and cleaning up.

We also held a large garden/orchard area in common, as well as a playing field, a stream and a patch of forest.

Winslow Cohousing was a great place to live as a child. There were other children, from newborns to high school students, to play with. We children were able to become close to adults other than our parents. There were always lots of fun things to do, illustrated by the dramatic decline in television watching amongst the kids, once we moved to cohousing.

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