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SRl's Values And Lifestyle Program
VALS -- a look at the culture through people's diverse attitudes, needs, wants, beliefs, and demographics

From Those To Whom Much Is Given...
A perspective on our responsibility to history and to the planet

Unburdening America by David Spangler
Three visions of the North American story: progress and utopia, apocalypse, and planetary culture

The Synthesis Of 2 Visions by Robert Brothers
Renewal can come from a new perception of old strengths, especially when it allows a synthesis of old antagonists

Finding The Native Within by Adele Getty
Developing a "sense of place" must start in our own psyche and work outwards

A Sense Of Place by Elaine Myers
Living at the mouth of the River of Life

A Sense Of Wonder by Don Anderson
A shift of emphasis from the material to the spiritual helps to restore it

The Vision & Its Agenda by Robert Gilman
How does the current North American vision contribute to the vision of a humane sustainable culture?

For America poetry by Liana Herbertson


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