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Growing With Sunbow by Chris Roberts
Experience in a suburban intentional community (IC#1, Winter 1983)

The Dance Of Male & Female In Intentional Community by Danaan Parry
Always a vital dynamic no matter where you live (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Selectors by Kat Kinkade
Why people join communities and why they stay (IC#1, Winter 1983)

What Is A Planetary Village? by Tim Clark
How do you go about building one? (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Notes From Auroville by David Wickenden and Sally Walton
An international "network of villages" develops in south India (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Self Portrait Of A Village A-Borning by The Chinook Learning Community
The members of a learning center put down roots (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Bringing The Vision Down To Earth by Serious Israel
Building community on an economy of faith - faith in living for the good of the whole (IC#2, Spring 1983)

Thirty Four Years Of Experience With Co-op Land Ownership by John H. Affolter (IC#2, Spring 1983)

Leadership & Power In Intentional Communities by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson
These traditional issues get redefined in experimental communities.

Knees Loose, Glove Well Oiled by the U. V. Family
A small, close group sees flexibility and integrity as the basis for their governance

Re-Greening The Earth by David Wickenden
A small community in the tropics is showing how land can be revived.

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