Energy Production & Efficiency

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Real Security by Amory and Hunter Lovins
Exposing vulnerabilities in our energy system so that we might overcome them

Lessons From WPPSS by Elaine and David Myers
A $2.25 billion fiasco illustrates the drawbacks to 'business as usual' approaches for major social decisions.

Political Savvy an interview with Marc Sullivan, by David Lee Myers
How to be an effective "David" in a world of "Goliaths."

Transforming a Mega-Utility I an interview with Ralph Cavanagh , by Sarah van Gelder
Transforming a Mega-Utility II an interviews with John Fox, by Sarah van Gelder
Environmentalists, consumer advocates, and several of the nation's largest utilities turned from confrontation to collaboration - and energy conservation was the big winner

Closing Trojan by Mark Worth
Utility officials and environmentalists agree to close nuclear plant

Institutional Inefficiency by Amory Lovins
Perverse incentives are perpetuating wasteful energy habits.

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