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Economics In An Intelligent Universe IC#2

From Dismal Science To Joyful Art by Robert Gilman
Reframing economics so that it better fits the full diversity of real economic life and can serve as a useful policy guide for building a humane sustainable culture

The Importance Of Time by Robert Gilman
Conventional wisdom fails to understand that operating in a time-limited mode involves significantly different behavior and attitudes from operating in a goods-limited mode

The Larger Context For Economics by Francois Duquesne
What is the economic process for? To free our spirit from demands of the physical world, so that we can unfold higher and more creative potentials

Achieving Financial Independence by Joe Dominguez
Possibilities to consider when looking for alternatives to the the "9 to 5 'til you're 65" model

The LETsystem by Michael Linton
A local currency system that works.

The Idea Of Owning Land by Robert Gilman
An old notion forged by the sword is quietly undergoing a profound transformation.

Grow-Power For Land Trusts by Terry Mollner
Lessons from Mondragon and Gandhi could help land trusts buy up the continent.

Beyond Ownership by Robert Gilman
Piecing together a new vision for land and economics.

Freeing Business by Robert Gilman
We can free our vision of business from the abuses of today's system

Economics in the Solar Age an interview with Hazel Henderson, by Alan AtKisson
This one-woman whirlwind is redesigning our cultural genes. Plus New Indicators of Country Development

Design for a Sustainable Economics by Robert Gilman
Conventional economic thinking is dangerously outmoded, and a new, more comprehensive system must take its place. A look at what could become the framework for economic thinking - and policy-making - in the 21st century

Looking Back from 2003 by Robert Gilman
In just 10 short years, the industrialized world shifted to a sustainable, cooperative-based economy. Here's how it happened.

A New Relationship with Time by Robert Gilman
The drop in per capita employment could set the stage for a more balanced way of living.

Wasted Time, Wasted Wealth by J.W. Smith
If we could eliminate even a small portion of waste in our production and distribution system, we'd have the time to do more of the things we really want to do, plus
Reclaiming Wasted Wealth by Sarah van Gelder

The Next Reformation an interview with Paul Hawken, by Sarah van Gelder
The underlying principles of industrialism no longer work. A new system is emerging to take its place, despite efforts to retain the status quo.

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