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The Changing Patterns Of Community by Robert Gilman
A cultural history from tribes to cities .. and beyond (IC#1, Winter 1983)

The Seed Game by Trevor Gloor
Community life grows in surprising ways from seeds of intention (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Village Life An Interview with Francois Monnet by Robert Gilman
Reflections by a French multicultural explorer (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Accidental Community by Joan Coverdale
Exploring oldness and discovering community (IC#1, Winter 1983)

The Metaindustrial Village by William Irwin Thompson
A possible future encapsulates history .. and moves beyond (IC#1, Winter 1983)

The Planetary City by Ronald Jorgensen
The city also has a valuable role in the metaindustrial era (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Rural Renaissance by Paul Hawken, James Ogilvy, and Peter Schwartz
One scenario for America in the nineties (IC#1, Winter 1983)

The Village And Beyond by Robert Gilman
Networks of villages may be the next major social form (IC#1, Winter 1983)

Rethinking National Defense by William Becker
A nation of planetary villages would have less need for military defense (IC#1, Winter 1983)

From Catastrophe To Benestrophe by Jonathan von Ranson
A downpour of love replaces a roof in a weekend

The Obsolescent Village Reborn by Belden Paulson
Villages of the world will be around long after the New Yorks - and may be one of the last lines of resistance in preserving our planet

Living And Working In A Traditional Community by Penny Jo Hubbard

Community Animation an interview with Jeff Bercuvitz, by Robert Gilman
Rebuilding community spirit is not only possible, it's essential to pulling a community out of the doldrums. Jeff Bercuvitz uses a five-step approach to get people thinking - and acting - creatively. Plus sidebars on the power of going for a walk and discovering hope in Greenfield, Iowa.

Eco-Community Design by Guy Dauncey
Bamberton: a plan for an ecological, humane community.

Transforming Inner-City Los Angeles by Lois Arkin
This inner-city neighborhood is ready for an eco-renaissance.

Reclaiming Community by Matt Holland
Cohousing in inner-city Portland.

Village Homes by Bill Browning and Kim Hamilton
A pedestrian-oriented solar community comes of age.

Winslow Cohousing: A Self-Portrait by Sarah van Gelder
Residents of the first member-developed cohousing community in the US share their experiences after one year of living together.

Anthropolis by Dan Fischer
A whole-systems vision of a humane, sustainable city

Community Development That Works by Dorothea Jewell
Lessons for local cultural change now being applied around the world.

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